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 Blessed Power Oils & Essential Oils 
    All of our blessed oils are made with natural oils from biblical times and a special blend of spiritual oils, essential oils and herbs. They are one ounce sized bottles and each bottle blessed for each particular circumstance or situation. These special Blessed and Essential oils are to be used as a point of contact along with your faith in Jesus Christ that he will help you regarding the situation that your in. These Oils are to be used in a positive and Godly manner only for healing and other circumstances. Blessed and Essentials oils are very powerful oils and must be used correctly. If any questions regarding Oils please feel free to email us at:

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Blessed Power Oils & Essential Oils

Open Doors Oil - pray & use this oil to open doors of many opportunities ($9.50)
Opportunity Oil - pray to draw that special opportunity in to you ($9.50)
Orange Blossom Oil - pray for someone you know to be released from jail ($9.50)
Passion Oil - pray & use this oil to spice up love relationships ($9.50)
Peace of Mind Oil - use & pray for peace of mind and release from stress ($9.50)
Peach Oil - Pray & know that your battles will be fought for you ($9.50)
Pearberry Oil - pray & use to aid in conquering fear ($9.50)
Peppermint Oil - used with prayer to make strong sound and smart decisions ($9.50)
Plum Oil - Pray & use this oil when fasting ($9.50)
Queen Esther Oil - Pray and acquire favor with this oil ($9.50)
Rose Oil - used with prayer for extra strong spiritual power ($9.50)
Rosemary Oil - used with prayer to relieve aches and pains ($9.50)
Raspberry Oil - pray no longer lose anything with this oil ($9.50)
Remember Oil - used for prayer to help you remember things ($9.50)
Shield Me Jesus Oil - pray to be hidden & shielded from all of your enemies ($9.50)
Spiritual Cleansing Oil - use to pray & cleanse of all uncleanliness spiritually ($9.50)
Strawberry Oil - pray to draw blessings quickly ($9.50)
Strength of Sampson Oil - use & pray to have strength in abundance ($9.50)
Thank you Jesus Oil - pray & give thanks to Jesus ($9.50)
Thyme Oil - pray & ask God to put a stop to confusion in your home or on the job ($9.50)
Truth Oil - pray for revelation & truth from someone ($9.50)
Uncrossing Oil - pray for God to release & uncross you from hexes & witchcraft ($9.50)
Vanilla Oil - pray & use to sweeten up a mean spirited person.($9.50)
Violet Oil - pray & use to attract the mate that God has for you ($9.50)
Virtuous Woman Oil - proverbs 31:10 become that virtuous woman ($9.50)
Watermelon Oil - use this oil to pray for prosperity in every area of your life ($9.50)
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