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Blessed Power Oils & Essential Oils
All of our blessed oils are made with natural oils from biblical times and a special blend of spiritual, Essential oils and herbs. They are one half ounce sized bottles and each bottle blessed for each particular circumstance or situation. These special blessed and Essential oils are to be used as a point of contact along with your faith in Jesus Christ that he will help you regarding the situation that your in. These Blessed Oils are to be used in a positive and Godly manner only. Blessed and Essential oils are very powerful oils and must be used correctly. If any questions regarding oils please email our customer service department at:

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Blessed Power Oils & Essential Oils
Almond Oil - use & pray for the power to obtain wealth and good fortune ($9.50)
All Purpose Oil - use & pray to conquer all of your problems ($9.50)
Anointing Oil - used for anointing only ($9.50)
Apple Oil - use to pray & meditate to aid in relaxing your mind ($9.50)
Arthritis Go Away Oil - use to pray for healing to get rid of arthritis ($9.50)
Attraction Oil - pray & meditate to attract the things of God in your life ($9.50)
Banana Oil - use & pray for God to open blocked pathways ($9.50)
Breakthrough Business Oil - use to pray & meditate on acquiring success in any business ($9.50)
Breaking Strongholds Oil - use to pray for God to break strongholds in your life ($9.50)
Calming Oil - use to pray & meditate to relax in stressful situations ($9.50)
Cast Out Evil Oil - pray and ask God to cast out demonic spirits ($9.50)
Cherry Oil - use to pray & ask God for people to listen. Ask God to open their ears ($9.50)
Coconut Oil - pray & meditate to hold on tight to a loved one ($9.50)
Court Case Oil - used to pray & meditate asking God to help to give you favor with court cases ($9.50)
Deliver Me Jesus Oil - Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Pray & use for deliverance of any situation ($9.50)
Desire Oil - God will give you the desires of your heart. Pray & use to receive the desires of your heart ($9.50)
Drive Away Evil Oil - pray & use to drive out evil away from you in Jesus name ($9.50)
Elevation Oil - pray & meditate reach a higher level of spirituality ($9.50)
Elijah Oil - pray for an Elijah Anointing ($9.50)
Faith Oil - used for prayer & meditation for stronger faith in God. To every man is given the measure of faith ($9.50)
Fast Success Oil - pray, meditate,  and obtain quick success ($9.50)
Frank & Myrrh Oil - scents of the bible that are pleasing to God ($9.50)

Frankincense Oil - the sweet smell of our savior Jesus Christ ($9.50)
Fruit of Life Oil - use & pray for promotion on job, church or at business ($9.50)
Garlic Oil - use to pray & meditate. Anoint your home to stop bad spirits from entering your home ($9.50)
Grape Oil - used along with prayer and meditation in obtaining wealth, wisdom & Power through Jesus Christ ($9.50)

Guardian Angel Oil - used for protection of all harm ($9.50)
Guidance from Jesus Oil - used for guidance from our savior ($9.50)
Harm Stay Away Oil - use & pray to keep all harm away from you or a loved one ($9.50)
Help Me Jesus Oil - God is a present help in a time of trouble. Use & pray to get help quickly in a time of trouble or need ($9.50)
Holy Oil - use to pray & meditate to walk in holiness ($9.50)
Hope & Happiness Oil - use to pray & meditate to uproot and get rid of depression & anxiety ($9.50)
I Am Strong Oil - use in faith to do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us ($9.50)
I Can Defeat Satan Oil - use oil in faith believing that you can defeat satan in all of his attacks ($9.50)
Jasmine Oil - use to pray and bring in the Holy Spirit ($9.50)

Jeremiah Oil - use for revelation of great and mighty things($9.50)
Job Oil - use in faith believing God for favor in any job interview so that you will get the job the Lord has predestined you for ($9.50)
Kiwi Oil - pray & meditate asking God to help bring back a lost loved one only if it is His will ($9.50)
Lavender Oil - pray, meditate & use for calming very bad nerves & extreme tension ($9.50)
Lemon Oil - use & pray for God to uproot curses or witchcraft that has been place on a family member, friend or yourself ($9.50)
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